We created Credit Simple because we reckon Aussies deserve access to their credit information, and better deals to go with it.

Credit information shouldn’t be complicated or boring, so we’ve created tools for you to see how you compare to your friends and your community, as well as being able to access great deals such as loans and credit cards.

We’re part of the illion group of companies which include a leading credit bureau in Australia.

The illion Australia group includes illion Data Registries Pty Ltd; Decision Intellect Pty Ltd; Perceptive Communications Pty Ltd; illion (Australia) Pty Limited; and Credit Simple (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 614 444 790 ACL 513554.

Honesty is everything, so we’re transparent about how we make money – we get a commission if you take up an offer through our site. We also sometimes receive a fee to show an offer on our site. This helps us pay the bills and enables us to give you your credit information, instantly and free. While we work with companies such as banks, telcos, utility companies and insurance providers to bring you great deals, we’re editorially independent – meaning when you read advice and opinions on our site, it’s what we genuinely believe.

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