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7 tips to save money quickly
7 money saving tips you can complete in 10 minutes each

It can be all to easy to chuck anything money or finance related in the too-hard basket. But the truth is, spending a few minutes sorting out just one aspect of your finances can make a big difference. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, complete one of these money saving tips and you could see instant financial results. Empty your spare change into a jar Then pop on the lid. Now every time you’ve got a few bits of…

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Why did my score decrease?

Have you noticed a dip in your credit score? This could mean many different things. The amount of credit you have, the age of your credit or any altered credit limits could all make your score go down. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) changes in Australia made earlier this year could impact your credit score as well. While there are many possible reasons why your report changed, let’s look at these common factors. Comprehensive Credit Reporting changes As of July 2018,…

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Introducing Credit Simple for Business: See your business credit score and information instantly, online and free

When we launched Credit Simple, we did so with the aim of helping Aussies live their best financial lives. And since launching in February 2017, we’ve added to free credit scores by creating Money Simple, a spend tracker, and Clear Name, a way for people to pay off unpaid defaults at a discount. Now, we’re launching a new tool for directors. It’s called Credit Simple for Business, and it allows you to see credit score, report information, risk profiling and…

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Scared of your finances? 5 ways to get control over your money without looking through your fingers

Money management can be a terrifying thing. Especially if you’ve got debt – seeing large sums go in and out of your bank account is enough to give anyone the willies, even if it’s ‘good’ debt (such as a home loan). But there are strategies you can use to cope, and to not only manage your money but actually overcome those ghosts of spending past. Here’s five we’ve rounded up. Know where your money is going. Knowledge is power, and…

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What you need to know: Four questions to ask before you get your first mortgage

So you’re in the market for your first mortgage. It’s a lot of money, right? You’re about to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no doubt you’ll want to know you’re not paying more than you need. We’ve put together a checklist for you. Have you shopped around as well as you could? Don’t forget this: the interest you’ll pay on your mortgage over the next 10, 20 or 30 years is worth a lot of money to someone.…

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Help! Nothing has changed on my credit file, but my score has changed. Why?

So your credit score has changed, but you can’t see anything immediately obvious on your credit history to indicate why it’s different? There are a few reasons why your credit score can change, even though it doesn’t look like anything has changed on your credit history. Some of the reasons why your credit score may change are: Data is only held on your credit file for a certain amount of time, something that is decided by privacy laws. A default…

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Credit cards: Are rewards credit cards, travel cards and cash-back cards a good idea?

Rewards, travel and cash-back cards There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Basically, no-one’s going to be putting rewards and inducements your way unless you’re spending enough to make it worth their while to look after you. If you’re not spending at least $1,000 on your card each month, you’re probably not going to be earning enough to make it worth your while, especially once you factor in the annual fee, which can be quite a lot for a…

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Five minutes with … Kalai Kumar, QA guru

Kalai (full name Kalaivani) is our QA ninja here at Credit Simple. She’s got a strategic desk next to the office fridge, makes a science out of taking naps (in her free time, of course), and can dubsmash like a pro.  What does a day in the life of you at Credit Simple look like? Lots of QA (quality assurance), great laughs with my team and plenty of food. (Perks of being seated next to the office fridge!) What do…

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Vitaliy Podstreshniy
Five minutes with … Vitaliy Podstreshniy, Systems Developer

Vitaliy is our Systems Developer and he’s a total dev ninja. Vitaliy enjoys DIY, reading, and top-notch snacks, but draws the line at eating one of his team members. (Thanks, Vitaliy.) What does a day in the life of you at Credit Simple look like? Wake up at 6.15am. Catch a train at 7.05am. Arrive at 8am, have a coffee and a biscuit. Programme until lunch, have a lunch and a bit of walk. Programme till finish work at 5pm.     What do…

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Credit Simple - Fair dinkum deals
Credit Simple helps Aussies to ask for fair dinkum deals. Got yours?

According to research we carried out here at Credit Simple, most Aussies feel they should be able to get a better deal if they’re financially responsible. A whopping 85% reckon they should be able to get a better deal if they’ve got a good credit score, while 66% would switch financial institution if they were offered a better rate. So we’re responding to this need by giving you free access to your credit scores as well as the power to…

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