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Top 5 things that hurt your credit score

Building your credit score can involve some work. Don’t unravel it by making these 5 mistakes. 1. Paying late Any late payments can decrease your credit score. Both positive and negative repayment behaviour goes on your credit report and if you consistently pay late, this will stand out. Make sure you pay all your bills on time. 2. Making too many credit applications Put simply, the more credit you apply for (including utilities accounts) in a short space of time,…

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Welcome to Credit Insights – a new free service from Credit Simple

Ever been turned down for a credit card or loan and wondered why? Perhaps you’re looking to take out a mortgage one day and want to see what you can do now to improve or maintain your credit score. Well, there’s no need to guess any longer. Through Credit Simple, you can now access the top 4 Credit Insights that are impacting your score Credit Insights are what credit bureaus like illion use to determine your score. Have a look…

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Credit Simple has just turned 5

Five years of Credit Simple To celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re giving away 5 x $200 gift cards. To be in the competition to win, all you need to do is submit your top tip on improving Credit Simple*. The top 5 entries win a $200 gift card each. You will have to login to your Credit Simple account to enter into the competition. Enter competition here September 2016 – Credit Simple goes live We launched Credit Simple to provide…

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November 5 Economic Update: our new normal emerges

New data released today shows Australia’s economic recovery is starting to emerge. The last fortnight of spending has been the first time Australia has hit pre-pandemic levels of spending since July. This is also the first time since the pandemic began that high income earners are spending at pre COVID levels – both in discretionary and essential spending.

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Xmas savings
Five hacks to help you spend less this Christmas

With COVID-19 lockdowns and restriction across much of the country, it is estimated Aussies will spend $18.8 billion this Christmas, down from $25 billion last year. So as we get ready for work Christmas parties, catch ups with friends and family and planning the Christmas shopping, it is also the time of year where it can be handy to stash away a few extra dollars.

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