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Personal loans vs credit cards. What you need to know.

A personal loan is about as straightforward as it gets when it comes to borrowing money. It can help you pay for something special like a car, holiday or home renovations, or to consolidate debt. With a personal loan, you borrow a specific amount and you make regular payments until it’s paid (along with the interest), usually one to five years. And for a long time personal loans have been in the shadow of credit cards. That’s because credit cards…

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Funding your first set of wheels
Funding your first set of wheels – what you need to know before getting a car loan

Buying yourself a set of wheels is expensive. If you’ve saved the cash to buy the car, that’s great. But realistically, most young people have to borrow money to buy a car. If that’s you, brush up on a few things before you sign on the dotted line. Save Saving up and paying cash is the cheapest way to buy a car. Ask around and you’ll find friends who have done it. Surprising, huh? Downgrade your expectations We know you…

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Six New Year’s resolutions to boost your credit health in 2019

Staying on top of your credit report regularly is good practice to keep yourself updated on how you manage your financial responsibilities. But what happens if your credit history isn’t as clean as you want it to be? When it comes to first impressions, the information contained on your credit report can have a massive impact on your future applications for credit. Here are some tips to improve your credit score and take the right steps towards financial responsibility in…

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Credit cards: What is a Low-interest or balance transfer credit card

How credit card balance transfers work If you find yourself in credit card debt, paying a huge amount of interest every month and never making any reduction in the balance because it’s all going in interest, a balance transfer could be your way out. In a way you would be paying off your credit cards with another credit card, but the crucial difference is that the new credit card may come with an interest rate holiday. (After a basic card?…

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How to: be more disciplined with credit cards

If you’re considering opening a new credit card, you may worry you’ll overspend and get yourself into trouble. And understandably so – the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the average household debt in Australia is $168,600, and the most common form of debt is credit card debt. So how can you use a credit card responsibly? Let’s look at the best ways to stay disciplined. Think of your credit card as a debit card A great way to stay…

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Five top money tips for preparing for Christmas

The Christmas season can be a tough one, and our data shows Aussies are more likely to let their credit bills languish unpaid at this time of the year compared to any other. If you’re anything like the average human, you’re probably feeling the effects of spending up large in the lead-up to the festive season and in the lead up to Boxing Day sales. “It’s easy to get caught up in spending over Christmas, but if you’re going to use credit to…

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