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Putting everything on your credit card? There are other ways to pay

Don’t believe you have to have a credit card. Paying interest sucks and there are other ways to pay. It sucks the lifeblood out of your finances. That’s because unless you clear your entire bill within the interest free days, you pay interest. That interest means you’re paying as much as 20% more than your mates for the same things, which may have a detrimental effect on your finances over time. Other (sometimes better) ways to pay Thankfully there are…

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Life after bankruptcy: How to repair your credit score, finances, and emotional wellbeing

There’s life after bankruptcy. Having your debts cleared by bankruptcy can be a chance for a fresh start. But picking yourself up afterwards can be way more difficult than most people expect. Bankruptcy isn’t just a piece of paper. By the time you’ve reached that point, your financial and emotional future can seem like a long dark tunnel with no end. Coming back from bankruptcy When entrepreneur Michael Williams* reached the point of bankruptcy, debt collectors accompanied by gang members…

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Is your food bill out of control? It could be that big lump of protein on your plate

Protein – at least the meaty versions – is expensive. And research indicates that we’re obsessed with protein, to our detriment. Most Aussies spend far too much on that protein, by not eating and shopping consciously. It’s simple to cut the cost of a plate of food radically. First off, not all protein is created equal in terms of cost. A nice porterhouse steak for four can cost $28 for the protein alone. Even own brand sausages can cost more…

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Wham, bam, thank you, scam: How to spot a holiday scam

If you like your money, don’t fall victim to a holiday scam. All too many Aussies do. NSW Liberal MP Gareth Ward escaped a “terrifying” attempt to blackmail him in a New York hotel, The Australian reported.  He ordered a US$100 massage and was allegedly charged US$1,000.  Fake “chiefs” in Fiji were trying to sell holiday properties they didn’t own to Australians, The Courier Mail reported. The offers were “too good to refuse”. reported that a New Zealand man…

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Why you should be careful of opening a joint account

If you’re thinking about opening a joint account with a significant other in your life, or as part of a shared account between housemates or friends, tread carefully. There’s a lot riding on the responsibility of the account, and your name will be on it. In the case something negative happens, like a bill payment is forgotten or you go into unplanned overdraft, the resulting mark could end up on your credit report. It’s vital to know the credit history…

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5 easy ways to be smart about your credit card usage

Are you finding your credit card debt racks up quickly every month, no matter how much you try to pay off? If you don’t have the right sort of account, or a limit set too high, it can be easy to blow your budget on a purchase you really don’t need. Adding debt to the point where you’re unable to repay lenders can affect your credit report. When you can’t pay what you owe, a default will be marked against…

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What can your credit report influence in your personal life?

How regularly do you check your credit report? If you don’t know what’s on it, there’s a chance you could have defaults against your name that shouldn’t be there. A credit report will show you what loans you’re missing payments on, either because someone has taken out a fraudulent loan in your name or you forgot about a loan you’d taken out. There’s a lot of crucial information on there, and lenders use the document to find out about what…

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Why you should start investing in your 20s

Have you ever thought about investing your money in things that aren’t going to give you immediate returns? Building wealth in your 20s in Australia might not seem necessary, but the earlier you put money into long-term investment strategies, the more benefits you’ll get over time. Compound interest in a savings account can help you to achieve your financial goals. Essentially it works by adding any interest your initial deposit earns to the same account, and the next interest payment…

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What to do if you’re a victim of identity fraud

Everyone knows someone who has been a victim of fraud. It can be a total nightmare when a cybercriminal has dipped into your bank account, stolen your credit card details or taken out credit in your name. In the short term your credit score is going to take a dip because you can’t simply delete it. Don’t despair, however. You’re not the first person in this situation and it can be ironed out. There are a number of different types…

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What could you save by removing extras from your shopping?
Budget Betty: What could you save by removing extras from your shopping?

Are you throwing money away every week on your shopping? Think online shopping for clothes you absolutely don’t need, or popping into a nice store because you like the look of something in the window and then walking out having spent $300. It’s okay – we’ve all been there. But putting thought into saving money on your shopping in Australia can help you to keep your bank account healthy, which means you’ll have enough money to pay your bills and…

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