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Millennials at a festival
Stephen Koukoulas: What I would do right now, if I were a millennial

If I were a millennial today, I would strive to save and invest, and limit my extra spending for really nice to do things. It sounds obvious, but many people, young and old, don’t manage their finances well, and this sees them less well off than they should have been. Saving and investing sounds like no fun when there are so many spending choices for young people. The millennial cohort of the community are increasingly well qualified to take the high-profile and…

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What affects your credit score (and why it matters)

Your credit score is a number between 1 and 1,000 that indicates how financially healthy and responsible you are, and how likely you are to pay your debts. Understanding how this score is calculated is crucial to improving your score, so you can get better deals from your bank, telco, insurance company and more. Here’s what affects your credit score: Defaulting on a payment, even if you eventually pay it. This sits on your record for five years. But having…

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