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If you're a director of a business, you can now see your business credit score and credit information for free, plus see risk profiling and insights for your business, instantly and online.

Why see your business credit score and information?

Credit information

You’ll not only see your business credit score, we’ll give you business credit report information in a format that’s easy to understand.


Find out your business’ risk of failure and risk of late payment and make informed judgements about your company.

Better decisions

See targeted offers on things such as business credit cards, loans, mobile phone and internet, and more.

It never hurts to check

Check your business credit score as often as you want, it won’t affect your score.

Secure online access

Only the directors of a business will be able to see the information about that business, and they have to go through a verification process first.

Update your business information

You can contribute and update information about your business, which will go through the Credit Simple system to illion, a leading credit reporting bureau. Keeping your business information up-to-date can help improve the accuracy of your business credit score.

To see your business credit score, simply click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s completely free – now and forever. Just like Credit Simple for consumers, you don’t need a credit card to sign up, and there’s no charge to access your information.

Credit Simple members in Australia who hold a current directorship of a registered incorporated entity in Australia can use Credit Simple for Business.

No. Only the directors of their business can see the credit score, report information and insights available through Credit Simple for business. We use a verification process to ensure access is only granted to current directors.

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