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Comprehensive Credit Reporting – what’s changing (and how it may affect you)

You might’ve heard talk about Comprehensive Credit Reporting being a ‘thing’ in Australia. It sounds complicated (and let’s face it, probably a bit boring). So what is it, and how could  it affect you? And how can you get the most out of it so that you may be able to keep more money in your own pocket? Comprehensive Credit Reporting  –  what it is and how it works Credit reporting used to be about people doing ‘bad’ things (such…

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Five things you need to know about Comprehensive Credit Reporting (and how it may affect you)

Comprehensive Credit Reporting is a regime that helps lenders judge how well you can manage your borrowing commitments and make repayments. Let’s take a closer look at what the system is, how it works and the potential impact on credit scores. 1. Changes are happening in 2018 More data may soon be included in your credit report, but what exactly does this mean to your credit score and finances? As you may have heard, there was a change to credit…

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