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Putting everything on your credit card? There are other ways to pay

Don’t believe you have to have a credit card. Paying interest sucks and there are other ways to pay. It sucks the lifeblood out of your finances. That’s because unless you clear your entire bill within the interest free days, you pay interest. That interest means you’re paying as much as 20% more than your mates for the same things, which may have a detrimental effect on your finances over time. Other (sometimes better) ways to pay Thankfully there are…

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Set up ninja bill payment systems, manage your finances and put your life on ‘automatic’. Here’s how

Ouch. You’ve just been pinged with failed automatic payment and a $20 dishonour or unarranged overdraft fee. Come on. Admit it. You’ve paid extra fees or failed to get prompt payment discounts for bills that you knew were coming up but failed to pay. That’s just throwing money down the toilet and possibly damaging your credit history.  My own bill payment system is failsafe for me. Everyone is different, however, and there is more than one way to skin this…

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