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You say you want a resolution?

For most of us, the New Year is a popular time to set personal goals and look back on the what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months. But with all the goodwill in the world, it can be hard to turn resolutions into results. People who study behaviour for a living reckon that for a resolution to actually work, it needs to tick five boxes. Happily, the five boxes spell “SMART,” making them not just easy to remember but…

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Credit Simple launches Clear Name, a way for people to clear outstanding defaults at a discount

Today we announced we’re launching Clear Name, a sister business to Credit Simple, which is going to give Aussies a way to clear outstanding defaults at a discount. Clear Name is an Australian first, and it’s designed to give people a chance to pay off unpaid defaults online and at their own discretion. People will be able to access Clear Name through Credit Simple. We reckon Aussies deserve the best shot at living a healthy financial life, so we’re calling…

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Are your finances suffering from ‘excusitis’? Beat it, now

Liar, liar, pants on fire. We Aussies are masters at coming up with excuses for our spending and debt. I’ve heard it called “excusitis”. We convince ourselves that “we’re different” or that “we need it”, or “everyone else does it”. It’s that six inches of grey stuff between your ears that’s at fault. And it’s getting worse. A staggering 70.19% of Australians have a credit card  and our balances have grown from $5.9bn in 1995 to $51.8bn in 2016. Ouch.…

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Boost your savings with the Three Ts (track, trim, and target)

Saving is the worst. I cannot save money. I just can’t. I look at my payslip each month and take out the rent, the food, the car, the power, the water, the gas and there’s barely enough left to pay for the odd drink after work let alone save up for a deposit on a house or anything stupid like that. I know I was supposed to pay myself first but somehow that just never worked out. By the time…

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Beat your brain (and better your bank balance) by understanding thought processes

Is everything you do with your money logical? Don’t fool yourself. Human brains were designed for fight or flight. There’s emerging research showing that even the smartest humans make stupid financial mistakes thanks to our prehistoric brains. Neuro-economists have found longs lists of “cognitive biases” behind why our financial decisions are so flawed. They’ve found that both amateur and professional investors alike are tripped up by inadequate evolution. So when you next fall into the needs versus wants trap, borrow…

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Swiping right on Tinder? Watch out for STDs. (That’s Sexually Transmitted Debts)

It’s the great untold illness of personal finance. That’s sexually transmitted debts (STDs). It’s bad enough to build up your own debt. But when you shack up with someone else you often take on their debt as well. It’s easy to do. You spot someone across the bar, or on Tinder. The next thing you’re wildly in lust and then you become one. Bet you didn’t ask how big his or her debt was before falling head over heels for…

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Set up ninja bill payment systems, manage your finances and put your life on ‘automatic’. Here’s how

Ouch. You’ve just been pinged with failed automatic payment and a $20 dishonour or unarranged overdraft fee. Come on. Admit it. You’ve paid extra fees or failed to get prompt payment discounts for bills that you knew were coming up but failed to pay. That’s just throwing money down the toilet and possibly damaging your credit history.  My own bill payment system is failsafe for me. Everyone is different, however, and there is more than one way to skin this…

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Man with 'lightbulb' moment
Tap into the sharing economy and rent your way to success

Are you a part of the sharing economy yet? If you’ve used Uber or Airbnb, then you’re part of it. But there’s plenty of other sharing businesses springing up, and one that we think looks especially interesting is the renting business. The internet has made it ridiculously easy to rent your stuff and get paid for it*. Take Rentoid, as an example. It’s kind of like eBay, with one crucial difference: the stuff in the listing isn’t for sale, its…

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Nudge, nudge, wink wink – how to nudge yourself to better money management

You know you need to change your financial ways. But it’s hard to actually do it. Just imagine standing at an EFTPOS terminal about to make a financial blunder and someone nudges you into making a better choice. A nudge is like having a little conscience sitting on your shoulder. Behavioural economists have found that tiny regular nudges that prod you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise can be a real game changer when it comes to mastering your money.…

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Millennials at a festival
Stephen Koukoulas: What I would do right now, if I were a millennial

If I were a millennial today, I would strive to save and invest, and limit my extra spending for really nice to do things. It sounds obvious, but many people, young and old, don’t manage their finances well, and this sees them less well off than they should have been. Saving and investing sounds like no fun when there are so many spending choices for young people. The millennial cohort of the community are increasingly well qualified to take the high-profile and…

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