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Women more likely than men to rate themselves as excellent money managers  –  except Gen Z

Women are making headway with equality in everything from climbing the ladder at work to starting their own businesses, but young Generation Z women feel they aren’t as good with money as their mothers were, while Gen Z men feel more confident, indicates research*. The research, which we commissioned to see how women feel about their finances in the lead up to International Women’s Day on March 8, indicates that overall, women are more likely than men to rate their…

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Queensland the place to be for young Aussies looking to get their first home, research shows

Young Aussies in Queensland are more likely to be in the market to own their own home than any other state, according to our research.  We’ve looked at mortgage application data (from January – June 2017) broken down by region, and it shows Queensland has the highest proportion (17 per cent) of mortgage applications among people under 30 in Australia, compared to making up only 15 per cent of all applications nationally. Queensland is followed closely by Western Australia (16 per cent)…

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People flocking towards light
Men are almost twice as likely as women to default on credit card bills (but don’t worry, we’ve got the fix)

We’ve done a new study and discovered that men are almost twice as likely to have a credit card default on file than women, which can seriously affect their ability to access credit and negotiate better deals. The analysis looks at Aussies’ credit card defaults over the past five years and shows men account for a whopping 64 per cent of defaults, while women represent 36 per cent. Meanwhile, women are more likely to fix up a credit card default…

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Ruby players
Think the Storm are coming out on top? Not when it comes to credit scores, according to the Credit Simple League Ladder

The Storm might be sitting pretty at the top of the ladder after the third round of the NRL season, but the scores of the Storm fans aren’t quite as impressive as their footy-playing counterparts. Well, their credit scores, to be exact. We’ve done some research1, and the average credit scores of Storm fans is 703, leaving them in seventh place on the League Ladder. Our analysis investigated average credit scores of Aussies living in fan base areas and…

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Credit Simple - Fair dinkum deals
Credit Simple helps Aussies to ask for fair dinkum deals. Got yours?

According to research we carried out here at Credit Simple, most Aussies feel they should be able to get a better deal if they’re financially responsible. A whopping 85% reckon they should be able to get a better deal if they’ve got a good credit score, while 66% would switch financial institution if they were offered a better rate. So we’re responding to this need by giving you free access to your credit scores as well as the power to…

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